How to Blanch Tomatoes


Blanching is a method of briefly boiling tomatoes to make it easier to peel it without turning them to mush. Recipes for tomato soup or sauce often calls for blanching of the tomatoes. This steps & following video will show you how to blanch tomatoes easily.

1. Wash the tomatoes & trim the stems. Remove the green stems from the tomatoes, since you won’t need those when you boil them.

2.Cut a shallow “x” in the bottom of the tomatoes. Making an “x” will allow the heat from the boiling water to enter the tomato and loosen the skin, making it very easy to peel. Use a sharp knife to cut a shallow “x” in the bottom of each tomato you’re blanching

3. Immerse the tomatoes in the boiling water. Cook them from 25-30 seconds

4. Remove the tomatoes with a slotted spoon & immediately plunge the tomatoes in the ice water. Leave them there for 30 seconds.

5. Peel away the skin. Use a sharp knife to aid the process, sliding it under the skin and lifting. Be careful not to damage the tomato flesh.

Now you can use it as the recipe requires you to use them.

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