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Sabudana Thalipeeth

Sabudana-Thalipeeth Navratri Vrat Recipe

Sabudana Thalipeeth is a Marathi word which means multigrain pancake. This is a very common Maharashtrian breakfast dish. Sabudana Thalipeeth is popular during Navrathri or fasting time, it can be consumed as a snack or as a meal.


1 cup Sabudana (Tapioca Pearls)

1/2 cup grated Boiled Potato

Raw Peanuts 1/2 cup

4 Green Chillies

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Navratri & Dussehra Special Recipes

navratri-dussera sepcial-recipes

Navratri is a festival dedicated to the worship of the Hindu deity Durga. Celebrated twice in a year, for nine nights ( Nav-Ratri literally means Nine Nights) with rasa and garba dance, this festival marks the beginning of festive season and cumulates in Dussera on the tenth day.

Abstinence is observed from the first day to the ninth day...

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Aloo Paneer Kofta


Aloo Paneer Kofta – a melt in the mouth soft texture koftas with a crisp exterior.


200 gms paneer/cottage cheese, grated

3 medium sized aloos/potatoes, which have been boiled & peeled and then grated

11/2 tbsp almond flour or 1 tbsp milk powder or 11/2 tbsp khoya or almond flour

½ tsp black pepper powder or crushed black pepper...

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