Tandoori Roti (without Tandoor)


Tandoori Roti (without Tandoor)

Tandoori Roti is traditionally made in tandoor( a round clay oven). It goes well with most of the graves veg as well as non veg. But tandoor is not available in our homes regularly. so here we bring how to make Tandoori Rotis in home without tandoor on gas.

2 cups slightly coarse wheat flour
1/4 cups maida
2 tbsp ghee
2 tbsp curd
salt to taste.


Knead slightly stiff dough cover and keep for 2 hours.
Take naan sized dough and make a ball.
Roll to a thickish roti (4-5 mm thick).
Heat griddle (tawa) place on tawa and dry one side.
Wet upper side with water and invert.
Invert griddle and roast over gas flame (or if available a barb- que coalfire). It will fall off when done.
Serve hot with desired vegetables.

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